Thanks to all the artists who participated in ARTmiration’s second International 
​Call-for-Artists. We had a great response, from which 32 artists were selected as finalists.  Sayra Vallejo's "Drippage" and Lyn Sullican's "Wall of Emotion" were featured in full-page color advertisements in Art International Contemporary Magazine – Italy, September/October 2017 issue. Brianna Rivas' "Running Velveteen Woman" was featured in a full-page color advertisement in ArtHouston Magazine, Fall 2017 issue. Congratulations to all! 

Lenora Palacios

"Fighting Bull"

Third Prize

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Lyn Sullivan

​"Wall of Emotion"

Facebook Prize 

Teresa Staley

​"First Course"

Second Prize

Adam and Madam

Galleristro Proprietors and co-sponsors


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Prince Thomas


Nathan Lindstrom

Biennale Peschiera del Garda Contest Results

Veneto, Italy - March 31 – April 3, 2017

Gilbert Ruiz


Grand Prize

"I Segnalati" Rome Art Exhibit - Rome, Italy

July 5 - 8, 2018

Dominic Clay

​“Queen of Tomorrow”

Giselle Rosenthal

“A Place of Disorder”

Lorena Fernandez

​"What is Love 2"

First Prize

Rita Fortunato


Facebook Prize 

Debbie McNulty

Office of the Mayor

Berlin "I Segnalati" Contest Results

Berlin, Germany - September 2017

Sayra Vallejo


Second Prize

We are proud of our Peschiera contest winners who represented Houston well! Rita Fortunato was that contest's Facebook winner, and won automatic entry into the Berlin contest. Thanks to our event organizers, Russo Studio Di Consultenza Artistica, Rita's winning has been upgraded and she will also exhibit in Berlin along with Michelli and the Berlin contest Grand Prize winner. Congrats Rita! 
(Note: The Berlin Facebook Prize will be announced prior to open voting. Rita's Facebook prize, and upgrade, are not representative of the prize that will be offered to the Berlin Facebook winner, but you never know what surprises await!)

Thanks to our distinguished jurors


Brianna Rivas

​Velveteen Woman"

Third Prize

In 2018, I was honored as one of 50 artists invited to exhibit at the I Segnalati Rome art event. Through my partnership with the Associazione Socio Culturale EA Arte Club of Italy, I was granted exclusive rights to reserve space in the beautiful Velli Palace Exhibition Hall in Rome, Italy, for a video presentation of my sponsored Texas artists who placed in my Houston Strong competition, which was in honor of the Houston art community affected by 2017 Hurricane Harvey.

ARTmiration LLC is a member of the International Biennial Association and the
​proud promoter and sponsor of Texas artists into international art events.


Vincent Fink

“Atlas Metamorphosis

Curt Baldwin

“The Commute”

Gallery by Michelli 


Kelley Devine

Artist and sculptor

Tonya Engel


Grand Prize

Micah Simmons

Fine artist 

These amazing artists will exhibit their artwork in a video presentation in the beautiful Velli Palace Exhibition Hall in Rome, Italy.

All finalists will also be listed in an upcoming issue of the Italian-based publication
Art International Contemporary Magazine under the header “Texas Strong.”

Crystal Smiley

“Mainstreet Antics”