"Running Velveteen Woman"
Acrylic on cardboard
12x18 inches

Judges’ comments:  “We chose this artwork for the great stylistic abilities and the beauty of the subject represented.”

Rita Fortunato


Facebook Prize 

Lenora Palacios

"Fighting Bull"

Third Prize

Berlin contest results

Thanks to all the artists who participated in ARTmiration’s second International Call-for-Artists.

It was a pleasure meeting so many established artists and discovering new local talent .

We had a great response, from which 32 artists were selected as finalists. 

Visit www.facebook.com/artmiration for previous contest information.

Grand Prize winner: Tonya Engel Foster

Teresa Staley

​"First Course"

Second Prize

Lorena Fernandez

​"What is Love 2"

First Prize

Sayra Vallejo is a self-taught abstract artist based in Houston, Texas. Sayra believes that art reflects affairs of the heart, mind, body, and soul and her goal is to create inspiring art to shift the vibes on Earth. Through art, she also aims to bring communities together, allowing people something new to relate to besides the norm.

"Art should grow with us and reflect to us our ever-changing perspective. I create to ignite fire and passion in us all."

Learn more about Sayra here: Facebook.com/sayranelly, Instagram.com/__.sy.__/

"Gypsy" will be exhibited at the InArte Werkkunst Art Gallery in Berlin, Germany. In addition, Tonya and her artwork will be featured in a four-page layout of the I Segnalati art catalog.


"I am a recent high school graduate with an interest in pursuing art as a professional career. With my art, I hope to unite people and make others happy just as it makes me happy."

You may contact Brianna here:

Gilbert Ruiz


Grand Prize

Judges’ comments: “Another great use of color, shape and movement that begs for contemplation.”

We are proud of our Peschiera contest winners who represented Houston well! Rita Fortunato was that contest's Facebook winner, and won automatic entry into the Berlin contest. Thanks to our event organizers, Russo Studio Di Consultenza Artistica, Rita's winning has been upgraded and she will also exhibit in Berlin along with Michelli and the Berlin contest Grand Prize winner. Congrats Rita! 
(Note: The Berlin Facebook Prize will be announced prior to open voting. Rita's Facebook prize, and upgrade, are not representative of the prize that will be offered to the Berlin Facebook winner, but you never know what surprises await!)

Oil and mixed media on Wood
24x24x2 inches

 “Running Velveteen Woman” will be featured in a full-page color advertisement in ArtHouston Magazine, Fall 2017 issue.

"Drippage" will be featured in a full-page color advertisement in Art International Contemporary Magazine – Italy, September/October 2017 issue.

Biennale Peschiera del Garda Contest Winners

Veneto, Italy - March 31 – April 3, 2017

Second Prize winner: Sayra Vallejo

Tonya Engel, a self-taught artist, was born in Houston, Texas and has established studios in New York, Paris, Austin and Houston, where she presently resides. Her work is heavily influenced by folk artists of the Deep South, as well as contemporary Masters: Marc Chagall, Frida Kahlo, Romare Beardon and Gustav Klimpt. Her style engages figurative form and stirs in a cocktail of vivid color, symbolism and narrative.
Learn more about Tonya here: http://www.tonyaengel.com.

Art by Michelli Cockburn


Acrylic on canvas
48x60 inches
Contact Sayra for pricing: sayravallejo@gmail.com

  Call for Artists

Third Prize winner: Brianna Rivas

Judges’ comments:  “This artwork’s vibrancy and color technique seems to depict blending into unity.”